🇨🇳 x Serie A | It’s a new dawn

Serie A is one of the most followed championships around the world. China has developed a huge interest in the Italian league, so we brought it closer to the fans.

As usual, Serie A started in August, producing already some solid moments. Among them, the wait for the game between AC Milan and SS Lazio was quite stellar.

The match – which witnessed Pioli v. Sarri, Ibrahimovic v. Immobile – gathered much interest from the fans. To help them follow it closer, we used a further tool.

We helped produce in-house all the highlights of Serie A matches this season. This includes as well editing and covers, and posting them on Kuaishou

For example, the match of San Siro recorded many impressions. Fans were clearly enjoying this game since the content reached 45k views and 182 likes.