🇯🇵 x RCD Mallorca | Take Kubo and his life in Mallorca

Takefusa Kubo has been the one to watch in Japanese football for a decade. Since his first clips from La Masia in Barcelona, the Japanese winger has been closely watched by football fans.

And Mallorca makes no exception: the Real Madrid loanee has returned to the Balearic Islands. It’s the second time after the first loan in 2019-20 when he joined for the first time.

Mallorca gave him the debut in LaLiga, a first chance to shine and a second to leave a mark. But what’s about the life of Kubo beyond the pitch?

We cooperated with the club to get more, to bridge the gap between the fans and the Japanese player. Fans got the chance of posing some questions to Kubo, who answered them.

This is the first of a 5 parts-interview with the Japanese talent. Discover more about his hobbies, tastes and personality in Mallorca!