🇰🇷 x Borussia Dortmund | Who’s your singer? Korean Trot edition

Borussia Dortmund are trying to expand their influence in East Asia. Among the contexts picked for this operation, there’s surely South Korea.

To help in this operation, we posted an engager on Facebook. This post figured five different BVB players were costumed into popular Korean Trot singers.

The post sought to encourage fans to vote on who would have made a great Trot singer if they were one. The image featured key players such as Haaland, Reus and Hummels.

An article underlined the hilarious tone of the post. After this, many users – even not football aficionados, but Korean Trot fans – largely visited the post online.

The post is geoblocked. This post won’t be seeable unless you’re in Korea.