🇮🇩 x Serie A | Emil Audero, a salute to Indonesia

Serie A has nurtured a solid interest from the Asian continent, but especially from Indonesia. The nation got through a massive wave of interest for two decades and it’s still going on these days.

And there’s something more for appealing to Indonesian fans of Serie A. In fact, there’s a possible candidate for the national team playing as a starter.

Emil Audero, the goalkeeper from U.C. Sampdoria, has been rumoured to be in the run for getting his call-up with the national team.

But the Serie A keeper wanted also to send a message to Indonesian fans of the league. And that’s when the perfect chance came along.

The no. 1 of Sampdoria sent a quick message for Serie A fans in Indonesia. The content was very successful as it gathered interaction between the fans, also creating a discussion and a comment section showing their support for Emil Audero.