🇨🇳 x Napoli | 2022 Chinese New Year is here!

The 2022 Chinese New Year is certainly a topic worthy of attention all around the world. It’s an important festivity, celebrated not just in China.

To properly live through this moment, we teamed up with SSC Napoli to produce a unique campaign for Chinese fans around the country. We created a special poster for the Chinese New Year.

This one represented Piotr Zielinski and Giovanni Di Lorenzo. Why them? Because the number of the two chosen players are 20 and 22, which forms perfectly 2022. The red away kit blends well with the traditional festival colour and elements in China.

To expand the impact of this campaign, a campaign was run as well throughout the holidays. The aim was to invite fans to share with us their story with Napoli or their new year wishes for the club. The final prize? A jersey from the club!

Last but not least, we also tried for some special videos featuring the players with their wishes. Chinese fans felt reached by those messages.

The idea was to have the clips edited with some crucial elements – like the background, the logo, the subtitles and some emojis then posted them during the festival.

Happy 2022 Chinese New Year!