🇰🇷 x Borussia Dortmund | “Wer von euch?”: Haaland & Guerreiro on the stage

Borussia Dortmund remain one of the most followed clubs all over the world. And South Korea makes no exception since the club has a solid reach in the country.

Among the reasons why there’s a lot of buzzing around the club, there’s also Erling Haaland. The Norwegian striker isn’t just leaving a mark with his goals, but also due to his personality.

A personality that comes out from exchanges with teammates like Raphael Guerreiro. The two of them were protagonists of special content for the Korean channel.

Wer von Euch?” is a game where they try to establish who in the squad holds certain characteristics. And the two of them seem to have a good time, just like you can see on the Naver TV channel of the club.

Click on the image if you want to discover more about the fun the two are having!