🇯🇵 x Borussia Dortmund | A coach in Japan: Niklas in Hokkaido

Football can really bridge the gap, even if it’s 10,000 miles. This is the takeaway from the story of Niklas, a German coach who visited Hokkaido.

Niklas Flechsig, a German coach working for BVB and their academy, travelled all the way to Japan to reach Hokkaido last December.

It was his second visit to Japan in 2021, after reaching the country already in the Summer. On that occasion, he visited Yokohama with Emma, BVB’s mascot.

Once arrived in the Northern Prefecture of Japan, the coach visited a school with local kids to teach them more about football.

Among the videos published on Sponavi for BVB this month, this has been very successful. Highly appreciated by the fans, the clip recorded almost 2 million views on Sponavi.