🇹🇭 x LaLiga | The debut of Xavi… and tea?

FC Barcelona are trying to change their season. To do so, they hired a new head coach, but that’s a known figure: Xavi.

The former Blaugrana legend is now ready to take the reins from the bench. After more than three decades on the pitch with Barcelona, the Spanish manager is ready for his next assignment after two seasons at Al-Sadd.

To celebrate his first game in the dugout – at home, against Espanyol -, we produced a special content. Can you match tea and football? Yes, to promote this special occasion.

We created this special content, with the concept is a tea menu that including various types of teas: black tea (Cha-Dam), Thai milk tea (Cha-Thai), green tea (Cha-Kiaw), and Oolong tea (Cha-Oo-Long), while the last one that was ticked is Xavi (Cha-Bi).

We published this image with a simple caption, ‘It’s time for Xavi. This Saturday at Camp Nou’.