🇮🇩 x LaLiga | “Did you know?”: Cibeles and Neptune

Our rare series of the ‘Did you know?’ with Ganassa is back! This time, we covered the meaning of the monuments dedicated to Cibeles and Neptune.

Two different statutes both safely installed in the heart of Madrid, are both the creation of an artisan, Venturo Rodríguez.

In the 1980s, Real Madrid began the traditional call to celebrate their achievements at the statue, Cibeles.

Their city rivals, Atlético Madrid, began doing the same routine from the 1990s, rounding up though at the Fountain of Neptune.

A rare scene in Asia with a relatively shorter history of football has come as a surprise for many of our followers.

Ahead of the derby match in Madrid, it was only appropriate to share trivia between these two figures, Cibeles and Neptune.