🇻🇳 x Cádiz CF | No Squid Game. Cádiz Only!

There’s no doubt that “Squid Game” is the cultural phenomenon of this moment. The popular Korean show – broadcasted and produced by Netflix – is overcoming any streaming record on the platform.

Often, such cultural waves provide an opportunity to engage with fans. It’s a skill to be efficient in riding this wave of interest and match it to your client’s needs.

This is exactly what we did for Cádiz CF, which recently opened their operations in Vietnam. A parody was made based on the scene from the first episode of “Squid Game”.

In the popular Netflix series, there’s a particular moment. In this scene, the main character Gi-hun Seong said he rather watch Cadiz plays on TV instead of joining the deadly games.

The post is geoblocked. You can’t see it unless you’re in Vietnam.