🇻🇳 x Cádiz | Good Morning, Vietnam!

“Xin chào Việt Nam”, said the decorated Cádiz forward, Álvaro Negredo. Netting seven times for the Spanish outfit this season, the honour was directed to our neighbours in Vietnam.

Cádiz CF activated their marketing initiatives in the country with the opening of a localised Facebook account. Fans thronged to discover the unknown. For now, only Real Madrid C.F. and FC Barcelona are the two most familiar clubs in the region, not to speak of numerous Premier League outfits.

Nationalism and pride associated with it have been key components to understanding the region. With the provision of bespoke content for the proud citizens, Cádiz are well ready for a “Good morning in Vietnam”.

Cádiz debuting in Vietnam with Álvaro Negredo
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