🇰🇷 x Borussia Dortmund | Fan experience: a BVB supporter in Köln

Many clubs mention the “fan experience” as the ultimate goal to enjoy the match. We actually take a bite of that with an actual BVB fan moving to watch a game.

In this case, Borussia Dortmund was at the centre of this experiment. In fact, a Korean BVB supporter went all the way to Köln to follow her favourite team.

A journey which revolved around just not the match itself. Food, talks with other fans, breathing back the game space after a long hiatus.

The content based on the fan experience over the Bundesliga match was highly appreciated by Korean BVB fans and football followers in general.

It gave Koreans a taste of how you can follow a match in Germany and what kind of atmosphere you could find. If you want to know more about Korean activities from BVB, you can find everything on NaverTV.

Click on the image to watch more about the fan experience in Koeln!