Local Fan Clubs

While most of our activity takes place online, we also love to engage offline with the local fans.

Through the years, we have helped several European clubs to create and consolidate local fan clubs in Asia.

For instance, activities included public events such as match viewing, dinners, and futsal tournaments with local sponsors.

Data Research and Analysis

Do you think to know how football fans might experience their passion for European Football? We actually talked with the fans, both online and in the streets.

By interviewing 5,500 football supporters across six countries in Asia, the 2020 Ganassa Report is the first in-depth research on fans’ behaviour in Asia, available with just two clicks.

Social Media Platforms

Social media are today’s main way of communication between football clubs and their supporters, and Asia is no exception.

We take care of planning, launching and maintaining social media channels, fostering an organic synergy between clubs and Asian fans.

Therefore, we know which social media works in each country, and we can offer solutions and plans for every specific need.


We envision this tool as a global connection between football clubs and the younger generations (millennials and Gen-Z audiences), creating new marketing opportunities for our clients.

To facilitate this process, we help clubs and leagues to design and implement a solid eSports platform, in order to improve brand awareness and commercial achievements globally.

In addition, to develop your eSports environment (team, staff, website, social media, etc.), we partner with Bundled, one of the world’s leaders in this field.

Online Store

While social media are ideal to reach fans on daily basis, a website offers several more opportunities, such as:

  • Weekly Match Reports
  • Exclusive interviews and columns
  • Info on how to reach the stadium and buy tickets
  • Articles by and about local fans
  • …and so much more!

Video Production

Video is the ultimate media when it comes to creating awareness for a club and engage with fans across the world.

We have a video production team that works across Asia to create, film, and edit clips for our clients.



Moreover, all our editors have standard video-editing skills,  quickly rearrange and subtitling contents for the local editions.

Above all, this is a useful resource to reach more and more fans through localised content.