Every club and every football culture is different.

Rather that just translating content from Europe, we bring it to the next level, working with our clients and with the local fans community to create a successful synergy. Our method is based on the following steps:

  • In-depth analysis of the club’s history and identity, including a visit to the club’s facilities, and stadium.
  • 360-degree introduction to the asian market: customs, fans, media, etc.
  • Finding a balance between the club’s culture and that of the country where we promote it
  • Interacting with the club Digital editors to optimize the content for the various markets
  • Suggestions and ideas for content to engage existing and new fans in Asia
  • Support to create ad-hoc content, such as localised initiatives, graphics, clips, etc.
  • Regular reports for and an ongoing discussion with our clients in order to keep optimizing our services

Characteristics of Our Staff

For our services, we are have selected specialized personnel that features the following skills:

  • Has a good knowledge and is eager to learn more about our clients
  • Has good knowledge of Japanese and other asian countries’ Social Networks and their audience.
  • Has good control of English, plus of course impeccable skills in the language they write in.
  • Is available to work tirelessly every day of the year.
  • Is experienced (has worked for over three years on a digital platform).
  • If needed is available to interact on short notice with our client for meetings, analysis, projects, etc.; and – Is willing to embrace and support the vision of our clients in Japan and across Asia.

You can “meet” our Staff. Visit Our Team page.

Our Services

  • Social Media Creation and Management
  • Website and Online Store Localisation
  • Content Localisation
  • Video Productions, Editing and Subtitling
  • Translations
  • Data Research and Analysis
  • Fan Club Creation
  • Supporters Events
  • Fans Engagement
  • e-Sports Support