🇮🇩 x LaLiga | Happy New Year from Indonesia!

Living in a big country with its territory elongated through the sides means not only the challenges of physical distance but also the time differences.

Just in America, there are nine standard time zones as the country stretches from along the states.

It resonates in the East as well as the Indonesian archipelago geographically stretches across three time zones from UTC+07:00 to UTC+09:00 in Western New Guinea.

Although the differences are minimal, the differences are distinguishable on a single day of the year: the New Year.

As we come to the end of the year 2020 which had been a year like no other, we wished to celebrate the new year with all three different time zones in Indonesia.

In two hours, we released three star-studded renditions with LaLiga players for all three of the different time zones.

It was a meaningful experience, uniting the archipelago through the power of football.