🇮🇩 x LaLiga | Stats do not lie

Data Science” has entrenched itself in the past decade as a tool for ‘win’, has become a necessity even on social media. Stats have become part of the conversation about football.

As we face digital native fans in the 21st century, a mere influx of news and features are no longer eye-opening to the fans.

Immediate statistics and numbers have been provided to fans after each match by broadcast media. The quantitative results have become the fans’ go-to tool to assess their supporting clubs’ performances.

Stats from Roberto Soldado’s xG (expected goals) to the number of saves made by Thibaut Courtois have been the mainstay.

Thus, as the new season was in the vicinity, we crafted comprehensive statistics for each LaLiga club for fans to feast on social media. The highly-engaging post was well-received because ‘Numbers do not lie’.