We can create any kind of digital editorial service related to football, not only in Japan, but also in the following Asian countries:

Counting more than 250,000,000 inhabitants, Indonesia is a country crazy for football, so much that it is nicknamed “The South America of East Asia”. Serie A and Premier League are historically the two most followed leagues, but thanks to the popularity of Real Madrid and Barcelona, LaLiga as well has a growing, dedicated audience.

Football is one of the main pastimes for Thai people, with the local league and the Premier League being the most popular tournaments. However, there are now opportunities for non-English clubs as well, thanks also to an increasing interest for continental European culture (sport, travel, football, lifestyle, etc.) in general.

A country undergoing a football renaissance due to the success of the national teams. Moreover, in recent years there has been a huge increase in interest for International football, as matches have become more available on cable TV. With a huge population (almost 100M) and the young demographics, the terrain if fertile for new players to enter the market in a period of change.

Malaysia as well has a growing football fandom, and is strategically located in the middle of the region. The offices of the AFC are located in Kuala Lumpur, a city that is becoming the hub of Southeast Asia for football, and is rivalling Singapore for business opportunities and quality of life. Malaysia also has a very high connectivity, with almost four people out of five on the Internet.

Historically the most successful Asian football country on the pitch, Korea has a huge following for football tied in particular to the national teams and to the Korean players abroad. Known also how the peninsula is known as the most Internet connected country in the world and a leading culture for new pop phenomenon across Asia, a presence in Korea could be a huge asset.