Our motto at Ganassa is ‘Bridging Asia and the Global Football Community.’ But you might wonder, what does that really mean? To guide you through, here is a selection of the creative and localised content we are proudly producing at Ganassa. Enjoy!

03.08.20 – BVB Account Launch – Dortmund, Japan

To announce Dortmund to their Japanese faithful (of which there are numerous due to Shinji Kagawa) we knew we had to go big! So we put together a Twitter’s most attention grabbing medium, the highlight video. The video was soundtracked by the ever theatrical and emotive ‘Invincible Spirit’ by Mark Petrie and of course included clips of Dortmund’s biggest stars Erling Haaland and Marco Reus doing what they do best, smashing in goals! But most pertinently the video had to be Japan-centric and fan-centric, therefore, we included a lot from Dortmund’s successful Tokyo tour in 2015. Enjoy it here.

29.07.20 – Real Madrid’s Home Record – LaLiga, Thailand

It’s true Real Madrid are pretty good, particularly at the Bernabéu, so formidable in fact that they didn’t lose a single game there throughout the 2019-20 season (winning 15 and drawing 4 to be exact). So to recognise this impeccable record, we created this picture of the iconic Los Blancos badge surrounded by various attempts at writing the word ‘lose’ in Thai, unfortunately though, never quite managing to spell it correctly. Accompanying the picture we added the caption ‘Can’t spell lose at home for Real Madrid this season’. 

This gentle jesting and Thai specific punning is a perfect fit for Thai Real Madrid fan engagement, especially to poke fun and laud over their Barcelona friends. Therefore unsurprisingly it was a big hit with the post reaching 136,753 people and garnering 706 shares and 91 comments.

21.07.20 – Blackpink – Napoli, China

Now before you say, is blackpink some weird homage to Palermo? From Napoli SSC?? No, not exactly. Actually not even remotely. Blackpink are in fact probably the biggest K-Pop girl group in the world and are not only massive in Asia, but globally and have even featured on Lady Gaga’s latest album. 

Okay, so now you might ask, what on earth do the world’s biggest K-Pop girl group Blackpink and Napoli SSC have to do with each other? Good question, well let me fill you in, Jennie from Blackpink is a big big fan of Napoli! Who knew! Alright, perhaps I cannot completely verify this, but she did post a picture of herself on her instagram wearing a top featuring the Napoli badge. In truth, Jennie is the face of fashion designers GCDS who launched their latest range in cooperation with Napoli this year. Catching this and posting it Napoli’s Weibo account definitely offers the opportunity for Napoli to diversify their fans and reach out to a different demographic.

18.06.20 – Dries Mertens’ Napoli story – Napoli, China

Since Maradona, if there was one player you would name that is synonymous with Napoli, it would be Dries Mertens. Napoli has always been a club that has welcomed football’s most mercurial talents and that affection is reciprocated. This video was created after Dries Mertens signed a new contract and has the man himself explaining his love affair with the place, the people and the football club. This video not only gave Napoli’s fans in China a window into the life of Dries, but also into life in Napoli.

13.06.20 – Keisuke Honda – UCL, Japan

Is there a left foot any sweeter than that of Keisuke Honda? Arguably Japan’s greatest footballing export demonstrated guile and class in abundance while playing for CSKA and AC Milan respectively. With this, he also struck some memorable goals in the Champions League and to pay tribute to the legend (and his left peg) for his 34th birthday we created this highlight video. To our great surprise and honour, Keisuke Honda replied! Offering his sincerest thanks. Inevitable tingles of excitement ran through the office here.

07.05.20 – Vesak Day – LaLiga, Indonesia

When you are trying to engage with fans in Asia and the diverse communities within it, it is paramount to be culturally aware. Subsequently on behalf of La Liga in Indonesia on Twitter we commemorated Vesak day – A festival celebrating the birth, enlightenment and death of Gautama Buddha in Theravada and Tibetan Buddhism. The national holiday is held on the Sunday nearest the full moon in May, which this year, fell on 7th May in Indonesia. This is a part of localising the La Liga content in Indonesia and cultivating a fanbase.

02.05.20 – National Education Day – LaLiga, Indonesia

When running a social media account such as @LaLigaID, it is important to not simply translate the tweets made by @LaLiga. The content must be localised and relevant to the people of Indonesia. Therefore at Ganassa we recognise the key dates in the Indonesian calendar, such as ‘National Education Day’ or Selamet Hari Pendidikan Nasional. On this day we tweeted a video and wished the “Indonesian children continue to learn and practice, and the teachers remain patient and persistent teaching them in the midst of this difficult situation.”

21.04.20 – Si Juki and Perico Quiz – LaLiga, Indonesia

Si Juki is an award winning Indonesian comic series by cartoonist Faza Meonk, it has been following the humourous misadventures of Juki since its first publication in 2011. Juki is an eccentric high school graduate of Betawi heritage who is navigating his way through daily life in Jakarta through his rather goofy ‘anti-mainstream’ eye. I know, he sounds kinda fun, he is also very popular in Indonesia, particularly among the young male demographic.

But, also in April, Juki landed in Spain to promote his latest book Si Juki Jelajah Spanyol bersama LaLiga (Si Juki exploring Spain with LaLiga). As part of Juki’s promotion campaign he has been swanning around the LaLiga clubs and meeting various mascots. At Ganassa, we realised this was an ideal opportunity for some mutual promotion. So we made a Tweet asking @JukiHoki and the followers of LaLigaID if they knew who Juki was meeting in this blurred out picture….In case you were wondering, it was of course Espanyol’s Perico the parakeet.

15.03.20 – Di Lorenzo Thank you message for Dizi – Napoli, China

Dizi is a Napoli fan in China who has been fervently participating and organising voluntary activities in Wuhan during the Coronavirus crisis. To thank Dizi for her tremendous and selfless efforts we created a video of Napoli and Italy full back Giovanni Di Lorenzo expressing his personal gratitude and support. This personalised approach showed genuine care for their fans in China and celebrated the less heralded heroes during the crisis. It further showed that we are better together during this difficult time.

13.03.20 – Girls Message – Betis, Japan

At Ganassa we recognise the importance of inclusivity and we aim to reach out to the whole community in Asia. Therefore the promotion of our clients’ women’s teams is treated with equal standing as their male counterparts. Accordingly, we created a video of two of Betis’ best young talents, Rosa Marquez and Anna Bougas, doing a special and direct message for their fans in Japan (with Japanese subtitles). We understand that representation is a key aspect of growing womens football and encouraging young girls in Asia to get into football.

23.02.20, Tokyo – Fan day event – Roma

How do you build a fanbase in Tokyo for a team that plays 10,000 Kms away in Rome? The usual place where the fans of Roma converge is the wondrous Olimpico, unfortunately this is a 13 hour direct flight time from Tokyo…not the easiest commute even for the most dedicated fan. However, it remains important to bring together the fans of AS Roma in Tokyo and build a ‘Romanista’ community. 

So at Ganassa we put on a fan event in Tokyo on behalf of AS Roma, where Japanese fans of Roma can converge. This event is not only a fantastic opportunity for Japanese AS Roma fans

13.02.20 – UEFA Champions League Launch, Japan

The Champions league is one of the biggest competitions in the world which has hosted some of the biggest players in the world, including some of the biggest footballing names in Japan. Therefore the way to announce the Champions League in Japan and getting that casual fan out of his seat is by showing the Japanese players that have had an impact in the UCL.

Therefore for the launch of UCL Japan, we created a highlights video collecting these great moments (of course with your classic dramatic Champions League music in the background). Beginning with Shunsuke Nakamura’s unforgettable free kick at Celtic Park against Manchester United. The video then showed Yuto Nagatomo doing a commanding slide tackle while at Inter, Honda scoring from distance for CSKA, a Kagawa goal for Dortmund before finishing it off with a moment from this season, Minamino scoring for Red Bull Salzburg against his ‘soon to be’ employers Liverpool.

13.01.20, Tokyo – Futsal game between Roma and Juventus

Sure, if you are strolling the streets of Rome, you only need to pop in a cafe for your first espresso of the day and you will already hear locals excitedly telling you ‘how Smalling will stop Ronaldo?’ Or perhaps just glance at the front of Gazzetta dello Sport at your local newsagents and see ‘Roma – Juventus’ emblazoned across the front page. But here in Tokyo, engagement is perhaps a little less organic and not quite so entrenched in the local football community.

So at Ganassa, we raised the profile of the upcoming match at the Olimpico by, well, playing the match…in Tokyo. We put together a futsal match between local football fans in Japan representing both Roma and Juventus to fight it out. Then we created a video demonstrating the skills of these local players in the shirts of ‘Dybala’, ‘Totti’ and ‘Pellegrini’. This was of course great fun, but also provided relatable content for fans in Japan seeing people like them being true ‘Romanista’s’ or one of the ‘Bianconeri’.

13.01.20 – Diego Demme Interview – Napoli, China

Football today is not just simply getting the ball into the opposition’s net, football is bigger than that, football is also about narrative and the stories within it. Therefore, we arranged an interview with Napoli’s new number #4, German international Diego Demme. In the interview, which we subtitled in Chinese, we got Diego to introduce himself to the Napoli faithful in China and tell his story. In the three minute interview, Diego talked about the beginning of his journey at Arminia Bielefeld, taking inspiration from both Gattuso and Pirlo and his passion for his two dogs! #ForzaNapoliSempre

20.12.19 – Juventini Japanese Map – Juventus, Japan

Japan is not just Tokyo, it is a big place, 1.6 times bigger than the UK in fact, and people live all over it – From Sapporo in the North to the little island of Okinawa which is so far South you would be mistaken in thinking it is part of Taiwan. Between these two points Japan is a country full of different people from very diverse cultures. But there is no greater unifier than football.

So to bring together all the bianconeri, we curiously aimed to find a ‘friend of Juventus’ in each of the 47 provinces of Japan. We expected this to be a daunting task…but it was in fact accomplished with just one tweet. In celebration we were able to create a graphic of Japan fully dressed in the black and white of the old lady.

30.11.19 – Gianluca Welcome Message – Roma, Japan

For the inauguration of the Roma Japan Twitter account, it was important to add both authenticity and stress that Roma truly care for their fans in Japan. So, for this we created a video of Materazzi tattooed rising star Gianluca Mancini. We had Gianluca speaking directly to camera and directly to the Romanista’s in Japan, thanking them for their ongoing support.  We subtitled the entire video and finished off with the tagline ‘Forza Roma’, demonstrating that with their fans in Japan, Roma will become stronger!

09.10.19 – Takashi Inui 100 game graphic

One sure fire way of gaining a following in Japan for your club is by having a Japanese player. Japanese fans like to follow how a player they know from football in Japan, and can directly relate to, is getting on when mixing it with the best players in the most prestigious leagues in Europe. Therefore, if like SD Eibar you are lucky enough to have Takashi Inui, it is important for the club to engage with the fans and celebrate his achievements. We demonstrated this by producing a fun graphic commemorating Inui’s 100 games for Eibar on Twitter.

23.08.19 – 10 Things about Hirving Lozano – Napoli, China

To interact with fans in China on behalf of Napoli, we use Weibo which is used by 25% of the population (a whopping 340 million people). To build a rapport between fan and player we created a ‘10 things you need to know about Hirving Lozano’ article. We included facts such as that Lozano’s nickname is ‘Chucky’, named after the doll in the American horror movie franchise – A name given to him while a youth player to his tendency to hide under his teammates bed and scare them. We further revealed that Lozano’s favourite way to holiday is by relaxing on the beach, as well as including career highlights, such as describing Hirving Lozano’s wonderful goal in Mexico’s momentous victory over Germany at the World Cup in Russia in 2018.

06.06.19 – Pokémon – Betis, Japan

We will not shock you here when we say that the global phenomenon of Pokémon is fairly popular in Japan. There are very few areas of Japanese society and consumption where Pokémon has not infiltrated. As well as extremely popular, Pokémon is also uniquely Japanese. Therefore to associate your football club with Pokémon is not only a great way of popularising it, but it is also demonstrating your club’s willingness to fully engage with Japanese culture.

So, what is the easiest way to do this? Well, for Real Betis we interacted with Japanese fans by offering them the opportunity to vote on which Pokémon best represented Real Betis. Initially, primarily based on team colours, but also perhaps an opportunity to find a Pokémon that best reflected Real Betis’ character too (perhaps something fast, aggressive and attacking). This was a fantastic way to make Betis a more relatable team than others, but also allowed fans to debate, discuss and engage with each other about Real Betis.

11.03.19 – MVP powered by HiKOKI – Eibar

The ‘gateway’ into European football for many fans in Japan will be following the fortunes of Japanese players, from Shinji Kagawa to Takahiro Tomiyasu. However, if you are a team without a Japanese player, it is important to capitalise when your opposition team does. Therefore, for Eibar’s game against Takashi Inui’s Alaves on 9th March 2019, we knew there would be a spike in Japanese interest for this game. With all these fans in Japan watching Eibar incidentally, we realised it was important to further promote the players that might have impacted them and potentially won them over. Subsequently we created a graphic of the Eibar’s MVP, the wonderful diminutive Chilean international Fabian Orellana.

31.01.19 – Erina Yamane Interview – Betis, Japan

Japan international goalkeeper Erina Yamane is the main initial draw for Japanese football fans to come to Real Betis. Therefore to effectively utilise this, we conducted #6 interviews with Erina to cover how she was getting on with life in Spain. We drip posted the minute long interviews over two months and covered subjects such as how the transfer came about to which Japanese instructions she accidentally shouted during a game… which obviously caused no confusion at all….

The interview not only showed Erina to be the down to earth and wonderful person she is, but also by splitting the interview into six parts, it meant that fans would constantly be reengaging with the content @RealBetis_jp

17.01.19, Tokyo – Christmas Event – Betis and Eibar

Community is at the heart of football and at Ganassa to engage and grow the SD Eibar and Real Betis communities in Tokyo, we put on a Christmas event coinciding with the ‘Takashi Inui’ derby on 22nd December 2018. This event offers fans the opportunity to watch the game, grab themselves some official merchandise and most importantly get together and have fun! The event was appropriately held at ‘Estadio Dining and Bar’, where we decorated the room with all things Betis and Eibar. Then to the usual sounds of fans cheering and groaning in equal measure, we watched Betis and Eibar share the spoils in a 1-1 draw. We also put on a raffle and shared some delicious food. The event does not only help build the profiles of Betis and Eibar respectively but also builds stronger relationships between the fans.

13.11.18 – Signed Joaquin shirt – Betis, Japan

Based on the success of the Bartra shirt campaign in bringing in new fans in Japan to Betis, we thought, perhaps there is a little more room for generosity. But, this time we stepped it up another level by getting the iconic and evergreen club legend Joaquin to sign a jersey for one lucky fan. After the proliferation of the Bartra shirt campaign, the foundations were already there with Betis gaining a reputation for their ‘giveaways’. Therefore the tweet with the video of Joaquin alongside homegrown star Takashi Inui was watched over 50,000 times with, this time, 1,200 retweets accumulated.

05.11.18 – Signed Bartra Shirt – Betis, Japan

At Ganassa we are always looking at creative ways to build a club’s profile on social media. So for Betis we organised a lottery on Twitter offering fans in Japan the chance to win a signed Marc Bartra shirt. I know, the item that will hopefully bring you one step closer to becoming a cool, composed ball playing centre back. All you had to do to win this awesome prize was to follow @RealBetis_JP and retweet this video we made of the great man signing his synonymous #5 shirt. This gathered a fantastic spike in followers garnering nearly a 1000 retweets.